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Pre-Loved Peg Perego

Peg Perego products have always been recognized for their exceptional quality, durability and longevity. A Peg Perego stroller or car seat can be passed down from siblings, to cousins, to friends, to neighbours, all the while still offering that ease, comfort and convenience that Peg Perego is famous for. Our workshop has been cleaning and servicing Peg Perego products for over 20 years and on an almost weekly basis we see prams that have gone through 2, 3 or even 4 little ones and are still going strong. Nothing compares with the long-term durability of a Peg Perego, which is why we are excited to announce the launch of our Pre-Loved Peg Perego Collection.  The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many...

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‘I have a new hobby; it’s called watching my baby sleep’

From the moment your little one is born, you will be bombarded with an endless stream of advice and ‘pearls of wisdom’ from friends, family and even absolute strangers. One piece of advice that you will inevitably receive will be ‘Never wake a sleeping baby.’ Sleep is vital for both baby and new parents so it's important to make sure that your little one has a comfortable and cosy place to doze off to dreamland. The perfect solution comes in the form of the Peg Perego Bassinet.  When you are not carrying your baby around, the bassinet is where your newborn spends most of his or her time. Your baby can travel in it, sleep there for several hours during...

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Car Seat Safety: Choosing the safest infant car seat for your baby

One of the biggest decisions that parents need to make when expecting a new bundle of joy is choosing the right car seat. Very often this can be an extremely overwhelming decision with so many different choices and options available on the market. Do you go for an Isofix car seat or a belted seat? Is your car Isofix compatible? What does Isofix even mean? Do you go for a newborn car seat, a multi-stage car seat or a car seat and pram combo? Do you switch your little one to forward facing or do you invest in the extended rear-facing car seat? The questions and concerns surrounding car seats and car seat safety can seem never ending. In addition...

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