'No Shock' Baby Helmet
'No Shock' Baby Helmet
'No Shock' Baby Helmet
'No Shock' Baby Helmet
'No Shock' Baby Helmet
'No Shock' Baby Helmet

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'No Shock' Baby Helmet

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First smiles, first laughs, first words and of course first bumps and bruises. As your little one grows and starts exploring on their own they're bound to bump into a thing or two. Once your baby is crawling they will want to start exploring, developing their own awareness and finding their own feet. The 'NO SHOCK' absorbent baby helmet protects your little one's sensitive head from any little bumps or falls while exploring on their own. This helmet adapts with your baby as they grow and develop, protecting them throughout their early years and offering parents peace of mind.


  • Made using shock-absorbent layered padding, the helmet protects your baby’s fontanelle and other sensitive areas of the head.
  • Made with shock-absorbent reticulated polyolefin foam
  • Raised visor gives added protection to the nasal septum
  • The outer shell is made of chafing-resistant 100% polyester fabric
  • The internal lining is made of Sanitized® soft material to prevent bacteria thriving
  • The size of the helmet can be adjusted around the head, across the back of neck and around the temples using microplast Velcro which is soft on the skin
  • The helmet neck strap can be adjusted to fit and can resist pulling of up to 10kg in force
  • Suitable for use from 8-20 months old
  • Headsize: 44-52 approx
  • Made in Italy

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